Friday, November 2, 2012

Lorain Lions 90th Monarch Night

Lorain Lions celebrated their 90th Anniversary Monarch night on November 1 with a meaningful and inspiring banquet and ceremony.  ABOVE (standing): District Governor Forrest "Woody" Conrad, Zone Chairman Brent Parker, Lorain Lions President Doug Kayle.  Seated are Lion Jackie Christensen, the featured speaker, with her husband PDG Lion Bill Christensen, of the Canal Winchester Lions Club in Franklin County.  Lion Jackie has talked about and performed Helen Keller's famous speech to Lions Clubs International 1925 Convention at Cedar Point where she urged Lions world wide to take up the cause of the blind and visually impaired by becoming "Knights of the Blind."  Jackie received a standing ovation from the nearly 70 guests who attended the event at DeLuca's Place in the Park.
Here are the Lorain Lions honored this year for their years of service to the Lions: 

5 years:  Dave Burgess, Jack Clark, Tim Howard, Elizabeth Smith, John Smith, Tammy Tansey, Mark Worden;
10 years: Ed Chavez, David Macgregor
15 years:  Marshall Dimacchia
20 years:  Ed Baker, Dan Bihary, Gary Fischer, Doug Kayle
25 years: Barry Buck; Tim Lombardi, Dorothy McGuire, Terry Todhunter.
Also honored by Governor Forrest were last year Monarchs, Lion Bruce McCartney for 35 years and Lion Walter Frey for 15 years.
Here are the Lions receiving Monarchs Gov. Conrad who attended the Nov. 1  90th Monarch banquet:
Lion Bruce McCartney, 35 years.
Lion Walter Frey, 15 years
Lion Dave (Joe) Burgess, Lion Jack Clark, Lion Mark Worden, 5 years

Lion David MacGregor and Lion Ed Chavez, 10 years

Lion Marshall Dimacchia, 15 years
Lion Ed Baker, 20 years.
Lion Doug Kayle, 20 years.

Lions Tim Lombardi, Dorothy McGuire and Barry Buck,
25 years. Lion Dorothy was also honored as
 a charter member of the Lorain Harbor Lions.

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