Friday, August 22, 2014


Local History and Great Lakes history expert Matt Weisman (above) presented a fascinating story of shipbuilding at the Lorain docks during WWI at our August 21 noon meeting.

Matt Weisman is involved in several local historical societies and has published a book on shipbuilding from its inception in the early 1800's until Amship closed in the mid 1980's.


Immediate Past Zone Chair Brent Parker displays the Lake Erie Crushers baseball, signed by the team, that was raffled off during the August 19 Lions Night game at All Pro Freight Stadium.  PDG Lion Dick Temple of the Firelands Lions won it at the early drawing, during the 3rd inning of the game, which was rained out.

Lorain Lion Tom Bruno (right) buys chances on the Crushers baseball Lion Brent, as Tom's wife Annette looks on.

Some Lorain Lions watching the game with family and friends.

More Lorain Lions.

Zone 1 Chair Jim Pickering of Bellevue enjoys the game.

Lion Brent Parker using his persuasive powers to sell raffle tickets.

PDG Dick Temple and PCC/PDG Sharon Parker watch the game.

Lorain Harbor Lions Nadya Cole, Vivian Rutherford and her husband and sister snack and monitor the weather.

Elyria Evening Lion Past President Steve Krucinski (right) and father-in-law relax before the game.

Elyria Evening Lion Marianne Parker (right) with her kids (that's Lily with her tongue out and eyes crossed), Lion Kerry Parker (center) and friends.

North Ridgeville Lions Past President Dan White (left) and Lion Danny.

North Ridgeville Lions David Bogner (center) and John McNulty (right) with family.

More North Ridgeville Lions and family.

Lorain Lion Mark Worden (left) and friend, North Ridgeville Lion Bob Franks and friend and Lion Nancy Franks (right) enjoying the night.

Lorain Lion Dick Comer and wife Donna.

Lorain Harbor Lions Past President Tony Shaw (left) and Tracy Brunetto.

Lorain Lion Tom Bruno and wife Annette (left) with friends waiting for their food order to arrive.  This was the last picture taken by the Lions photographer who soon was running as fast as he could to the car to get out of the storm that came up very fast. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Lion Ben Norton is a winner in many ways

After more than a year, and going down to seven cards left in the deck, Lion Ben Norton successfully chose the Joker to win the club's 33-33-33 Jackpot at the Aug. 14 meeting. Lion Ben donated 90 percent of his winnings -- about $300 -- back to the club's Administrative Fund. Lion Ben's generosity is much appreciated and should serve as an example to all Lorain Lions. Thank you, Lion Ben! Pictured with Lion Ben is President Kim Worden. The new three-way raffle begins Aug. 21 with a new deck of cards.

District Governor Jeff asks Lorain Lions for help

District 13B Governor Jeff Hillis visited the Lorain Lions Club at the Aug. 14 noon meeting to seek help from our club to take the lead in helping to create a new Lions Club in the district Columbia Township, which borders Cuyahoga and Medina counties. Gov. Jeff is pictured with Zone 4 Chairperson and Lorain Lion Ken Cromer and Past President Doug Kayle, who has agreed to do preliminary work on the project. Gov. Jeff is returning on Oct. 30 to Lorain to make is formal Governor's Visit to our club. Ken and Doug will keep us informed on the project.

Lions hear about adventurous trek

Beth Hedtke, daughter of Lion Norm Hershelman, described her adventures of  journey to the base camp of Mt. Everest at 17,000 feet above sea level at our well attended Aug. 7 night meeting. She is shown in the top photo with her parents and the second photo showing slides of her amazing journey.