Monday, April 11, 2016

Lions Tour New Lorain High School Building

/The Lorain Lions toured the new LHS facility, now 85% complete, on Thursday, April 7, guided by Director of Facilities, Jeff Hawks.  It was jaw-dropping huge, equivalent to two and a half Admiral King buildings with a capacity to serve 2700 students.  It will undoubtably become a source of great pride for the City of Lorain and a major resource for the region, with its state-of-the-art sports complex, performing arts center, and vocational and technology facilities.  It will be ready for the new school year on August 24.

ABOVE:  Original bricks from Southview (top), Admiral King (middle) and Lorain High's (bottom) old buildings are mounted in a 50 foot display that gradually intermix as they move to the right to form a new, "Lorain High School Titans" blend.

ABOVE:  Buffet style cafeteria will speed up lunch service for students.

ABOVE:  State-of-the-art welding facility will be able to host statewide competions.

ABOVE:  Performing arts stage offers catwalk and complete support for all productions.

ABOVE:  Auditorium seats 800 and provides high quality acoustics and lighting features.

ABOVE:  LCCC will have its Early College program center right on site.