Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Gov. Steve Cochie speaks to Lorain Lions

District Gov. Steve Cochie spoke to Lorain Lions Club members and guests at the Nov. 6 evening meeting. He also presented chevrons to Lions marking their anniversaries in joining Lions Clubs International. Also attending the meeting were Andy Schworer and his parents. Andy is a Lorain County JVS student from Henrietta Township who is in the process of being able to see thanks to innovative treatment using his own stem cells. Lorain Lions have helped fund these treatments over the years. Andy, his parents and other family generously help at Lorain Lions breakfasts. 

Friday, October 14, 2016

Mayor Updates Lions on City of Lorain Issues

Mayor Chase Ritenauer spoke to the Lions at their Thursday, October 13 luncheon and provided a great summary of what the current issues and challenges the city faces.  "This is probably the toughest job I will have in my entire life, public or private sector" the Mayor commented.  But he outlined the strategies and solutions with great optimism about the future of Lorain.  Financing improvements is one of the critical problems.  He said it's easy to find developers interested in the river and lakefront properties, and even the Broadway sites, but to make projects viable, public financing and abatements are needed, especially federal funding.  State funding cuts to local governments in 2011 have resulted in a 3-4 million dollar loss annually to the city budget.  But there are good projects underway and on the way, such as re-surfacing Broadway, East & West Erie, and others.  The Mayor spent time answering questions and was pleased to receive another "Lorain Lions Lighthouse Pin."

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Lorain Lions and District 13 OH2 Welcome Lions Clubs International President Corlew to Lorain

Members of Lions Club International pose for a photo in front of the Lions tour bus and Lorain County Health & Dentistry on Sept. 21, 2016. Lions Club International President Chancellor Bob Corlew visited the agency to see the vision clinic with equipment paid for by donations of Lions Clubs of north central Ohio. Richard Payerchin — The Morning Journal

Stephanie Wiersma, President & CEO of Lorain County Health & Dentistry, welcomes Past Council Chair/Past District Governor Jeff Hillis (2nd from right) and 2nd VDG Keith Kaufman (right) to the LCH&D Headquarters in downtown Lorain on September 21 as Rick Payerchin of The Morning Journal gathers information about the visit of International President Bob Corlew.  President Corlew came to see first hand the Vision Clinic that the Lions of District 13 OH-2 provided with state of the art equipment through a fundraising effort that garnered over $257,000, inncluding a $75,000 grant from Lions Clubs International Foundation in 2013.

The IP's bus arrives about 1:50 p.m.

Lorain Lions Club President Tim Lombardi presented IP Corlew with the Lorain Lions Lighthouse Pin.

Lorain Lion Bob Kayle (above left) was recognized by IP Corlew (center) for his 55 years in Lion.  Vision Clinic optometrist Dr. Joyce Ramsue-Thompson (above right) gave a brief description of the great work of the Vision Clinic and also led a tour of the clinic.

Lorain Lions above from left to right are Ralph O'Hara, Rich Foil, Tim Lombardi, newest member Brittany Fide, Tammy Tansey and Ed Baker.  Here they are waiting for the induction ceremony conducted by IP Corlew following their lunch at LCH&D.

Lions Clubs International President Bob Corlew makes brief remarks to the three inductees and their sponsors from District 13 OH2.

IP Corlew leads the swearing in of Lions Clubs International's "newest members."

IP Corlew congratulates Lorain Lion Brittany Fide

What a great honor it was to have our International President visit Lorain!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Firefish Festival Director James Levin Presents 2016 Festival Highlights to Lions

Lorain native James Levin, director of the Lorain Firefish Festival, attended the Lions Club's September 8 luncheon meeting and spoke of the exciting lineup of artistic presentations and performances for this year's festival in downtown Lorain on Saturday, September 17 from 2:00 to 11:00 p.m. Levin is noted for his public arts projects in Cleveland, such as the Ingenuity Festival and Gordon Square arts projects.

Second Vice District Governor Visits Lorain Lions Club

Ohio Lions District OH-2 Second Vice District Governor, Lion Keith Kaufman (above left, with his wife, Connie) attended the Lorain Lions Club September 8 luncheon meeting and spoke briefly about upcoming events and activities related to Lions Clubs International Centennial celebration that culminates next year in June at the International Convention in Chicago.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Doctor explains remarkable stem cell treatment

Dr. Mark Foglietti (right) and his daughter, Dr. Alanna Fostyk at the Thursday, Sept. 1, Lorain Lions meeting. Dr. Foglietti spoke of the remarkable treatment for Firelands High School student Andy Schworer that is allowing him to regain his sight. The treatment involves using Andy's own stem cells. Dr. Foglietti is associated with the Ohio Stem Cell Treatment Center in Beachwood. Lorain Lions have donated thousands of dollars to all Andy to receive these treatments. For more information go to Dr. Foglietti's website: and