Monday, May 23, 2016

Thanks to Lions for sprucing up Elmwood Cemetery

Because of wet conditions at Lorain's Elmwood Cemetery on Pride Day, May 21, Lorain Lions spruced up the historic city cemetery on Monday, May 23. They were feted for their efforts by Lion Tony Freda. Thanks to Lions who participated. Good work!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Ron Jantz shows photos, videos of Avon Lake eagles' nest

Ron Jantz, Digital Media Consultant at Lorain County Community College and a former Lorain Lions, dazzled the Lorain Lions audience at the May 5 evening meeting with photos and videos of the eagles' nest at Redwood School in Avon Lake. The nest can be viewed live on YouTube at:

Sunday, May 1, 2016

International Princesses Grace Successful Lions Pancake Breakfast

The Grillmasters preparing those wonderful sausages.

Lion Tony Freda taming the coals with a little bit of lighting fluid.

The kitchen crew preparing to make the mornings 5,000+ pancakes and serve almost 900 breakfasts.

Getting the serving window organized.

Lion Bruce Meadows (right) thanking former Lion Jean Maxwell (center) and her son, whose volunteer hours serving were much needed and appreciated .

Lion Kim Worden (right) getting ready at 8:00 o'clock start time.

Sue Worden, (sitting left) and Donna Pastor price and organize the bake sale items.

Coffee and juice service requires good planning and organization too.

Thanks to the IAV for lending us there great facility.


Victoria Massa, Puerto Rican Princess.

Sirimany Sengroravong, Laotian Princess.

Taylor Williams, African American Princess.

Enjoying a nap is Frank Marshall Janik (left) great grandson of our beloved Lion Marshall Dimacchia, who passed away last year.  Thanks to Nikki Janik, her husband, Mom and all the Dimacchias for their great support of Lions!

Lion Gary Koepp's family enjoying the pancake breakfast.

Lauren Salkiewicz, Slovak Princess.

Lions Kim Worden, Bruce Meadows, and Bob Kayle.

Bonnie Csubak (above left), wife of Lion Frank Csubak checks out the great selection of baked goods.

Lion Ralph O'Hara and Sue Kayle, wife of Lion Bob Kayle, selling hanging baskets.

Sarah Kozma, Hungarian Princess

Lion Frank Csubak selling Money Tree raffle tickets

Wall to wall people from about 10 a.m. to noon.

Lion President Dan Smith selling 50/50 raffle tickets.

Kyla Babics, Polish Princess

The servers.

Alicia Cruz, El Salvadoran Princess.

Lion Jean Lee selling Money Tree raffle tickets.

Lion Dorothy McGuire, manning the bake sale table.

Vesna Ristofski, Macedonian Princess; Erica Benton, Native American Princess; and Rachel Elwer, German Princess.

Kerey Babinsky, Italian Princess.

Chloe Mieras, Dutch Princess.

Amelia Balzer, German Princess

Tia Deshuk, Puerto Rican Princess; Carys Trubach, Serbian Princess; Erica Dobin, Italian Princess

Cecelia Henderson, African American Princess

Arilyne Stanziano, Italian Princess.

Marecciea Rivera, Puerto Rican Princess

Taylor Cartmill, Croatian Princess

Chloe Ewing-Tomaszewski, Polish Princess

Avianna Velez, Puerto Rican Princess.

Kitchen crew.

Lion Ken Kayle always does whatever is needed

Lion Club volunteer Nate was the lucky winner of the $349 50/50 raffle and receive his winnings from Pancake Breakfast Chairman, Lion Rich Foil.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Lions Tour New Lorain High School Building

/The Lorain Lions toured the new LHS facility, now 85% complete, on Thursday, April 7, guided by Director of Facilities, Jeff Hawks.  It was jaw-dropping huge, equivalent to two and a half Admiral King buildings with a capacity to serve 2700 students.  It will undoubtably become a source of great pride for the City of Lorain and a major resource for the region, with its state-of-the-art sports complex, performing arts center, and vocational and technology facilities.  It will be ready for the new school year on August 24.

ABOVE:  Original bricks from Southview (top), Admiral King (middle) and Lorain High's (bottom) old buildings are mounted in a 50 foot display that gradually intermix as they move to the right to form a new, "Lorain High School Titans" blend.

ABOVE:  Buffet style cafeteria will speed up lunch service for students.

ABOVE:  State-of-the-art welding facility will be able to host statewide competions.

ABOVE:  Performing arts stage offers catwalk and complete support for all productions.

ABOVE:  Auditorium seats 800 and provides high quality acoustics and lighting features.

ABOVE:  LCCC will have its Early College program center right on site.