Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ben Zientarski Updates Lions on Lorain Palace Theater

Ben Zientarski, owner of Lake Screen Printing and President of the Lorain Palace Theater Board of Directors, gave an informative presentation to the Lions on September 20 about the value of the Palace Theatre for the downtown area.  Ben is an enthusiastic promoter of the Palace and downtown Lorain.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lions District 13B VIP's Visit Vision Clinic Site

 District 13B Lions Leaders visited the construction site of the new Lorain County Health & Dentistry facility which will house the Vision Clinic.  Lions of District 13B, which includes 56 clubs in ten north central Ohio counties, are partnering with LCH&D to establish the vision clinic at the new site.  Lions are raising $150,000 to equip the vision clinic with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and LCH&D will operate the clinic once equipped.  It is expected that the new vision clinic will open in the fall of 2013. Lorain Lions and other Lions in District 13B have raised over $42,000 since March of this year and will continue to work on fundraisers and seeking community donations to reach the goal by April of next year.
 ABOVE, left to right:  Lorain Lion Jack Clark, District Governor Forrest "Woody" Conrad, Immediate Past District Governor Dick Temple with Lion Dr. John R. Smith and Dr. Jennifer McNamara, President of the Avon Lions Club in front of the site.
 ABOVE:  Stephanie Wiersma (left), President & CEO of LCH&D talks to visiting Lions dignitaries about the tour of the site on Wednesday, September 19.
 VIP's pick up hard hats and information packets in the construction trailer prior to the tour.
 ABOVE:  First stop was the fifth floor, a long hike up flights of stairs that won't be necessary in a couple of months when the elevator is installed.
ABOVE:  Construction Manager gives an overview of the construction progress to Lions.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Greetings from Lion Ralph Krupp

ABOVE:  Lion Bruce Meadows (left) and Lion Dr. Ralph Krupp (right) in front of St. Mary of the Woods in Avon on Friday, September 14.  Lion Ralph wants to say hello to everyone and says he regrets not being able to get to meetings the last several months.  He would like to attend but he'll need a ride.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday September 13 Meeting

 ABOVE:  Lion Barry Buck shared slides and stories of his time as a volunteer near "Ground Zero" in the weeks and months after the tragedy of September 11, 2001.  His personal connection to the event helped bring it alive and reminded us of the moments we all became Americans first, and our race, religion and politics were un-noticed.  Thanks Lion Barry, for bringing a message of hope out of a terrible event.
 ABOVE (left to right):  Lion Dr. John Smith and Lion Treasurer Charlie Neff present Lion Bruce Meadows with the first installment check for the Vision Clinic from the Harley Raffle proceeds in the amount of $6,500. Lion Doc Smith devoted hours and hours of his time and truck to assure the Fat Boy was visible at every possible opportunity to boost ticket sales.  We have now passed the $40,000 milestone on our journey to equip the Vision Clinc at Lorain County Health & Dentistry.
ABOVE:  We celebrated September birthdays for Lion Ben Norton and Lion Tammy Tansey.  Congratulations and Best Wishes Lions Ben and Tammy.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Lions Harley Raffle Drawing Raises $8,100 for Vision Clinic

 ABOVE:  Lions from Zone 4 mingle before dinner at Quaker Steak & Lube in Sheffield Village Thursday night, September 6, awaiting the drawing at 8:30 p.m.

 Lions Ken Krol (second from right) and Bruce McCartney with wives Carolyn (second from left) and Kathy (left).

Lions place orders for wings, burgers, fries and salads.


LEFT: Lion Barry Buck (left) and Lion John Mazze.
 Above Left to right:  Lions Doug Krucinski, Kim Worden and Marshall Dimacchia.

RIGHT: IPP Dave Burgess and Lion Treasurer Charlie Neff (left)
LEFT:  Mr. and Mrs. Lion Mitch Fallis
ABOVE:  Lion Rich Foil (left) and Terry Todhunter (right).

ABOVE:  Lions Jack Clark and Pete Kohlmyer.

 ABOVE: Lion Walter Frey loads the 900 some raffle tickets into the tumbler just before 8:30.  Over $800 in tickets were sold in the hour prior to the drawing as word got around the pot had reached almost $8,000.
 ABOVE:  Lion Walt turns the tub for IPDG Dick Temple.
 ABOVE:  IPDG Dick picks the winner at 8:30 p.m.


ABOVE:  Lion Doc John Smith (left) verifies the winning ticket as it is announced by the band leader on stage.  A phone call was placed immediately but initially only a message could be left.  A few minutes later, the winner was reached:  Joe Hartman of Wellington accepted the prize immediately, with no second thoughts!
ABOVE:  Lion Treasurer Charlie Neff (right) hands over check for $8,135.00 and congratulates winner Joe Hartman in Lion Charlies' office on Friday, September 7.  A great end to a awesome fundraising project--thanks to all who worked very hard to make the Lions Harley Raffle a huge success!