Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Lions learn about LCCC's many courses and new Lorain Learning Center

Dina Ferrer, coordinator of Lorain County Community Colleges Lorain Learning Center, brought Lorain Lions up to date at the Thursday, Feb. 12 noon meeting concerning what is available for residents at the newly opened Center located at Cityview Center across from Lorain City Hall.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Lorain Lions and friends enjoy District 13B Bowling Tourney

Three teams made up of Lorain Lions, family and friends took part in the Feb. 8 District 13B Bowling Tourney at Rebman Recreation Lanes in Lorain. A collection was held at the event where $314 was raised for the Eyes for Andy project Lorain Lions have been and are supporting to allow a Firelands High School student, blind since birth, to regain some sight through a new procedure using his own stem cells. Below are photos of those attending, along with PCC Sharon Parker and members of the Lorain Harbor Lions who hosted the event. A total of 18 four-person teams participated, including three teams from the District's newest club, Gibsonburg Lions Club. The bottom photo show Lorain Lion Robert Kerecz and his grandson, Bobby Jr., who is visually impaired. Everyone had a great time!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Monarch chevrons awarded at Lorain Lions banquet

Here are Lorain Lions honored with chevrons on Nov. 5 by 1st Vice President Frank Csubak.
Lion Dick Comer -- 35 years
Lion President Kim Worden -- 30 years
Lion Zone Chairman Ken Cromer -- 30 years
Lion Bruce Bevan -- 25 years
Lion Jean Lee -- 15 years

Others honored who were absent: Lion Dave Burns, 25 years; Lion Dan Rohrbacher, 20 years, former Lion Pete Castillo, 15 years.