Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lions Sort Potatoes at Second Harvest

 ABOVE (left to right):  Lions Bruce McCartney, Barry Buck, Glenn Owen, Doug Kayle and Kim Worden work on one of the bins of 42,000 pounds of potatoes.
 ABOVE (left to right):  Lions Doug Kayle, Dan Rohrbacher, Ken Kayle and Bruce Diso weed out the bad potatoes and bag the good ones. 
ABOVE (left to right):  Thanks to all 11 Lions who came to volunteer on Tuesday, October 30 at Second Harvest:  Lions Dan Rohrbacher, Glenn Owen, Doug Kayle, Ralph O'Hara (seated), Ken Kayle, Velda Reynolds, Bruce McCartney, Barry Buck, and Bruce Diso. (Not shown are Lions Kim Worden and Ken Cromer).

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