Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Lorain Lions and LHS Leos Volunteer at Second Harvest

Leos get a brief orientation and training before starting the work of inspecting, cleaning and sorting food for boxing up.

A very attentive group of Leos gets ready for some real work.

LHS Leos Sly (left) and Quint (right), who are also members of the highly successful LHS Titans football team,  have to have very good eyesight to find those expiration dates..  

Lion Kevin Goodwin talks to reporter Carol Harper of The Morning Journal about the Leos and the importance of community service for high school students.

Five Lion supervisors (Glenn Owen, Bruce Bevan, Ralph O'Hara and Dan Asensio) point out the scrap of paper missed by Lion Barry Buck who just finished sweeping up the huge work area.

Lions Ralph, Glenn, Mitch and Vivian Fallis after a satisfying hour of volunteering at Second Harvest.

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