Thursday, January 28, 2016

Lion Marshall Dimacchia Honored by Lions in New Pilot Dogs, Inc. Facility

ABOVE: Carmen Januzzi (center), sister of deceased Lion Marshall Dimacchia, was invited to the January 28 Lions luncheon to  participate in the presentation of a $1,000.00 donation by the Lorain Lions Club President Lion Dan Smith (right) to Ohio Pilot Dogs, Inc. Executive Director Jay Gray (above left).,  The donation is part of the efforts of the Lions Clubs of Ohio to raise funds to build a new facility for Pilot Dogs, Inc. at their main campus in Columbus, Ohio that will help the organization improve and streamline their work of training dogs to assist the visually impaired.  Lion Marshall will be memorialized on the Wall of Honor in the Lions Den room at the new facility.  Lion Marshall was sponsored as new member of the Lorain Lions Club by Carmen's husband, Lion Al Januzzi, in May, 1998,  and greatly enjoyed and valued his years as a member of the Lions.  Marshall passed away on November, 2015.

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