Thursday, October 10, 2013


Dr. Roy Church, President of Lorain County Community College, presented a very informative program that began with the establishment of LCCC 50 years ago and how it has grown to be the most strategically important institution in Lorain County, delivering not only thousands of associates degrees, but also bachelors and masters degrees from many Ohio Universities through the University Partnership.  Dr. Church showed how the educational level in the county has grown faster than all but one other northeast Ohio county over the past 13 years with the UP.  Not only that, but the college is also inspiring and supporting entrepreneurship in very innovative programs.  Lions were left with no doubt about the critical importance of LCCC's levy, Issue 2, on the November 5 ballot.

ABOVE:  Dr. Church explains how LCCC has become more important than ever to the future success of our county and the region.  The college is preparing our fellow citizens and youth for the high tech, educationally demanding jobs of the future.

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