Sunday, August 4, 2013


Lion Ralph O'Hara opens a selection of specialty beers available at O'Hara's Beverage on Leavitt Rd. for the Lion beer aficionados to taste.

Lion Ralph comments on the Shock Top Lemon Shandy and how it differs from Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy--"not quite as sweet and with more of a beer taste than lemonade taste"

Go ahead, try some!  There's Koko Brown, Barktober Fest, Canoe Paddle, Lemon Shandy, Wild Blue and Straw-ber-Rita. Now this was a real treat for the beer lovers! 

Lion Jack Clark gets the beer tour.

Lion Norm Herschelman and wife Karen check in with Lion Ed Baker while Lion Walt Frey lines up to pay the incredible low price of $10.00 for the picnic feast.

Bev O'Hara and Sue Kayle catch up on news and family.

Lion Ben Norton and Lion Rich Foil chat while Rich's wife Karyn enjoys the lake view.

We had a pleasant surprise with the arrival of Lion Jean Lee and her daughter Dawn Bodnar, who are just to the left of Lion Kim Worden and wife Sue.

What is that out there?

Oh my gosh!  Those are the islands.  First time it has been so clear to see them.

Obviously, the prime view of Lake Erie was the favorite for seat locations here.

Back to the beers.  Thanks Lion Ralph for providing this beer tasting event.

Lion Ben and Lion Doug Krucinski chat near the grill.

Sue Lombardi, Jane Meadows, Sue Kayle, Kathleen Clark in the foreground.

Jane Norton, Norm, Karen Herschelman and Walt Frey.

It sure was great to see Jean Lee, sitting here with Lynn Krucinski and Jean's daughter Dawn.

The Bakers cool off at the shoreline.

The water was crystal clear and the temperature a balmy 75.  Can't beat that!

Now we know why birds love to sit on a high wire.  Great view, nice breeze, good conversation...

Lion Mark Worden signs up cornhole tournament teams.

Brats and burgers on the grill.

Lion Bruce Meadows and Lion Tim Lombardi.

That sun was bright, but not too warm.

Lion Jean and daughter Dawn move to the shade.

Lion Ed Baker's wife Celeste checks out the swing set.

The grounds at the Norton's are beautiful.

View of the dining tent and grilling pavilion in the distance.

Daisies in full bloom provide a delightfully happy accent for the day.  There were also echinacea and blackeyed susans in abundance around the house.  Thanks so much Ben and Jane for sharing this with us!

The line for food went quickly.

Those sirloin and angus burgers were awesome, not to mention the brats!

The spread.

Everyone's feeling a little full after lunch, as evident in this and following photos.

Whoa, whoa!  The second and third helpings of peanut butter cake, chocolate cake and blueberry ??

Look at that competitive determination!

Lynn Krucinski tosses the first cornhole bag.

The teams face off.

Lion Norm launches one.

Lion Tim says, YESS! A two pointer!
The tournament field was full.

Lion Tim and Lion Bruce Meadows ("The Hairless Heros"?) vs. Lion Norm and Lion Ralph in the championship round.

Corn Hole Tournament Official Lion Rich Foil (great job Rich!) presents the champion team of Norm Herschelman and Ralph O'Hara with the $100,000 (er, chance for $100,000, that is) prize in certified envelopes. Great job and thank you Lion IPP Doug Kayle, for your hard work and to your committee helpers--and to all the attending Lions for your participation.  A very special thanks to Lion Ben and wife Jane for sharing their summer home with Lions for our annual picnic!

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