Friday, July 26, 2013


District Governor Francis Hensel visited and spoke to the Lorain Lions at our Thursday, July 25 meeting.  Governor Hensel thanked the Lorain Lions for their leadership in the district and for their hard work on the Vision Clinic Project. He stressed the importance of using this successful project to bring in new members.

ABOVE:  Lion President Bruce Diso (left) welcomes Governor Hensel.

Lion President Bruce presents the Governor with a Lorain Lions Lighthouse pin and Governor Francis displayed his expertise and knowledge of Lions pins as he explained that there were five different versions of that pin produced by our club.  Lion Hensel is a pin collector and owns several thousand!  Lion Bruce announced that the Lorain Lions were going to be donating $50.00 to the Vision Clinic Project in Governor Hensel's name in appreciation for his visit.

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