Sunday, May 5, 2013


The Mercy Health & Recreation Center opened in January, 2013 as a collaboration between Mercy Regional Medical Center and the Lorain County Metroparks. The public areas are operated by the Lorain County Metroparks while Mercy offers special rehabilitation programs in special facilities located in the new building.

Metroparks tour guide, Ryan Ladd, explains the services of the center to Lions who toured the facility on May 2 just before our evening dinner meeting at Rebman's.

Lions admire art work on display that is available for purchase.

Tour guide Ryan Ladd of the Metroparks explains the special rehabilitation services provided by Mercy Regional Medical Center on the second floor.  Included in the facility above is a fully equipped kitchen where persons who have had an accident or stroke and are coping with limited use of arms, legs or hands receive training from occupational therapists so that they can learn skills to remain independent.

Tour guide Ryan Ladd explains the equipment available in the fitness center on the second floor of the facility that is open to the public.
ABOVE:  Lion Mitch Fallis is a member of the Mercy Health & Recreation Center and works out regularly in  the fitness center. 

The pool is impressive and offers great exercise opportunities, as no swim teams are permitted to schedule blocks of time in the pool.

Plenty of exercise equipment is available.  Above is a room of exercise bikes!

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