Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lorain Lions Celebrate 90 Years of Service at International Parade

 The Ohio State School for The Blind Marching Panthers formed and ready to go at the starting point of the 2012 Lorain International Parade.  They are the only blind marching band in the U.S. and possibly the world!  We thank them for their participation with us to celebrate 90 years of Lorain Lions and Lionism!
 Lions gathering at the starting point.  We were the ninth unit in a very large parade.  What beautiful weather we had!
 Honorary Grand Marshall, Paul Kiska, Lorain Catholic H.S. grad and TV 5 news reporter, with wife Angela and daughter Olivia, represented the Lorain Lions.  Thanks Paul!
 Lion Marshall Dimacchia is ready to go!

 Finally, we got Lion Velda Reynold's picture--our official photographer who is never visible!
 The banner holders for Ohio State School for the Blind at attention and ready to go.
 Thanks to the Lorain Fire Department crew for getting the great overhead picture of the OSSB Marching Band!
 Ohio Lions District 13B Governor Dick Temple has the official hand wave down pat!
 The Ohio State School for the Blind Marching Panthers drew applause and cheers all through the parade route.  Pretty impressive to see and hear a band that's performed at the Tournament of Roses Parade!  This was truly an inspiring event for the people of Lorain as well as for Lions--no handicap can keep you from achieving a dream! 
 Lion Gary Koepp accompanies the Lions 90th Anniversary Float down Broadway.
 The Ohio State School for the Blind Marching Panthers are recognized by Parade MC Don Nickerson for their many accomplishments in front of City Hall, the ending location of the parade.
 Over fifty Lions from the Lorain Lions Club, the Lorain Harbor Lions, the Elyria Lions Club and Firellands Lions Club marched to celebrate Lionism.
 Lions Jim Miadock, Paul Trimble and Bruce Bevan toss candy to the crowd--a very popular tradition!
Lion Mark Worden tosses candy to the crowd along side the Lions Float. 
 It was great to have the Lorain Harbor Lions marching with us to celebrate our 90 years of Lionism!
 What a great turnout of Lorain County Health & Dentistry staff and board!  We are proud to be partnering with LCH&D to open the Vision Clinic next year.  Thanks for the great work you do!
 ABOVE (left to right):  Float Committee members Lions Terry Todhunter, Velda Reynolds, Jack Clark, Norm Herschelman and Chairman Lion Bob Kayle (not shown is committee member Lion Pete Castillo).  Super job, Lions!
 That has to be the most realistic stuffed lion I've ever seen!
 Kids were in awe of this animal!  We need a name for him and display him at all Lorain Lion Events.
Thanks to Sue Kayle and her helpers Sue Lombardi, Rosa Cromer and others for making this after-parade lunch such a nice way to recuperate after a two mile walk.

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