Wednesday, February 29, 2012

March 1 Vision Clinic Project Update


At the February 13 Board meeting, the Lorain Lions Club Board unanimously approved a motion that the Lorain Lions Club will serve as the lead club on the project to equip the proposed eye clinic at the new facility being built by Lorain County Health & Dentistry on Broadway in Lorain.  This is a major project for our club and for District 13 B, and we are fortunate to have the support of our District Governor, Lion Dick Temple and the district cabinet.  We will need your help as we begin soon to work to raise the $150,000 needed for the vision clinic, which amount includes funds raised locally by Lorain Lions Club and other District 13 B clubs, as well as a grant from Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF). 

 There are several activities being organized: 

·         a Zone 4 Social, at Lake Erie Crushers on Thursday, August 16 is being planned by Zone 4 Chair Carol Shaffer as a fundraiser for the Vision Clinic.  This project is expected to raise about $1,500 through ticket sales by us and other district clubs as well as part of the 50/50 raffle at the game.

·         Lion Bruce Meadows is chairing the drive to get pledges from Lorain Lions members with a goal of raising at least $8,000.

·         Lion Harold Lee has pledged to fund 10 club members who work on a service project at $10.00 per hour per volunteer up to a maximum of $3,500.  Lion Dan Bihary and Lion Bob Kerecz are chairing a “Lions Service Team” that will be recruiting 10 Lions to work up to 40 hours each to meet Lion Harold’s challenge.

·         Lions Dave Burgess and Bruce Bevan are heading the committee to approach local community members for contributions to the project and they hope to exceed their goal of raising $20,000 through these solicitations.

·         Lion Dave Burgess, Lion Dr. John Smith and new Lorain Lion member Terry Caudill (a former Vermilion Lion) will be heading up a “Night at the Races/Reverse Raffle” event(s), probably sometime in September, to raise $15,000.

·         More to come!!

As authorized by the Lorain Lions Board, an application to use the District 13B Philanthropic Fund has been completed and submitted to the district committee that manages that fund.  Once the account for the Vision Clinic is set up, all donations and funds raised will be deposited to that account, including the LCIF grant award.  All funds will be disbursed from the Philanthropic Fund account.  We will announce when this account is in place.  All funds donated to the Vision Clinic Philanthropic Fund Account will be tax deductible under IRS regulations.

The Vision Clinic Committee also will have a website for the Vision Clinic where information about the project will be posted.  That website has been set up by Lion Dan Bihary and is found at

To get club members more informed about the project, we have arranged to have our Thursday, March 29 lunch meeting at Lorain County Health & Dentistry, 1800 Livingston Avenue in the old St. Joseph Hospital campus in Lorain.  A signup sheet will be going around at meetings or you may send a reservation to Lion President Dave Burgess or Lion Ken Cromer.

The Committee has also arranged to present a program about the Vision Clinic Project at the District 13B Convention on Saturday, March 24 at 9:00 a.m. at the convention facilities in the Holiday Inn Westlake.  Health & Dentistry CEO Stephanie Wiersma and Lion Dr. John R. Smith will present the program. We would like to have many Lorain Lions attend the convention to help man the information table.  No registration is required, unless you plan to attend one of the other seminars or meals that day. [Convention registration for seminars and non-meal events only is available at $15.00 per person]

As chair of the Committee, I want to thank the Board of Directors, committee members, and in particular Lion Dr. John R. Smith, for their work to get this project underway.  As you can see, there has been a lot accomplished.  However, we have only just begun and we need your participation and help!  Please watch for ways to be involved to help us reach our goal of establishing a vision center for people in need.

Members of the Vision Clinic Committee are Lions Bruce Bevan, Dan Bihary, Dave Burgess, Ken Cromer, Doug Kayle, Bob Kerecz, Bruce Meadows, Rich Marcucci, Bill Neely, Dr. John Smith; Terry Caudill, former Vermilion Lion and just approved Lorain Lion/Committee Member District 13 B:  District Governor Dick Temple, LCIF Chair Sharon Parker.  We are seeking to add more members from other Zone 4 and District 13B clubs.

Lion Ken Cromer, Vision Clinic Chair
Lorain Lions Club

Lion Dave Burgess, Lorain Lions Club President

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